Current partners

Our work on a documentary film „Snake Rescue Call“ is done in cooperation with a USA-based organization Save The Snakes, which is funding interesting projects focused on snake conservation around the world. For Save The Snakes we filmed a story about human-snake conflict mitigation in India. The main partner from India is the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society in Andhra Pradesh led by Murthym Kantimahantim and Agumbe Rainforest Research Station in Karnataka. The King cobra research project is ongoing in Agumbe for more than a decade and is led by Ajay Giri.

Our work on a documentary called The Most Venomous Snakes of Africa is done in cooperation with local partners. In Kenya we cooperate with East Africa Venom Supplies. EAVS is a reptile research and education center based in Watamu. The main activities include milking snakes for medical research and the preparation of anti-venom, educating local communities about snakes, snake removals around Kenya and others.

In Costa Rica we cooperate with Bushmaster Conservation Project. The Bushmaster Conservation Project is a H.E.R.P. Conservation Program and the first ever in-situ conservation effort focusing on Bushmasters.

In the Czech Republic we filmed a documentary called Snakes of The Czech Republic and we cooperated with Podyjí National Park, Zamenis snake protection alliance and with zoologists protecting the locality called Na Plachtě in Hradec Králové. We cooperate with ČSOP Klenice (branch of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation) on educational programs about snakes for students in primary schools and high schools. We screen our documentary Snakes of the Czech Republic and show students alive snakes.