We want to say THANK YOU to all sponsors who supported our work and helped us to finish our documentaries (Milan Oselský, Bolek family and Martin Vacek from VM Light). A very big THANK YOU goes to Česká spořitelna, which was sponsoring our expedition to Arizona! We won 250 000 Kč (equivalent of around 11, 000 dollars) in the competition Už Vím. Our sponsor for herpetological equipment is Snake Professional and herpetologist Milan Oselský from Slovakia.

Do you want to support our production of widlife documentaries and photography? Please contact us! We will be grateful for any financial, material (equipment) or other (accommodation in the field, printing of photographs, lending of cameras) way of sponsoring. We will be happy to promote your brand, name or logo in the ending titles of our films and on our social media. Thank you!