Living Zoology

We love snakes!

Living Zoology film studio was founded by Matej and Zuzana Dolinay, who studied zoology and they are also wildlife filmmakers and photographers. They are authors of documentary films about life of wild animals (especially reptiles and amphibians) and about scientific research in the field of zoology.

Their documentary film Protectors of snakes on Bali won first prize in film competition on travel festival Rajbas. They were nominated for a winner of Nature category on CZECH PRESS PHOTO 2017.

Who are we?

We are Zuzana and Matej, zoologists, filmmakers and photographers.

Our life-long passion is travelling and studying amazing life of wild animals. The moments when we observe an animal in its natural habitat are one of the most beautiful in our lifes. We wanted to share these precious moments with others so in 2014 we started a project called Living Zoology. We wanted to make zoology more popular with usage of our wildlife photography and videos. Living Zoology slowly became a wildlife film studio with documentary films as our main activity. We focus mainly on venomous snakes which people often fear or even hate. We want to show that these animals are incredible and they deserve respect and protection. We visited 3 continents during our search for reptiles and other animals.

We met during our studies of Zoology at Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic) and we are a couple from 2013. We complement each other greatly and in 2017 we got married.

Zuzana Dolinay

Zuzana Dolinay

Zoologist, photographer and teacher

From a very early childhood I was fascinated by nature. My adventures took place in the forests around Brno at the beginning, but thanks to my great parents I had a chance to visit places on the other continents already during primary school. The hobby started to be my main interest in life and I studied Zoology at Masaryk University. I was always interested in work with children and I started with many years of teaching environmental programs for Lipka (educational institution for environmental training). Later I finished Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Biology at Masaryk University. I combine my love for nature and children in my current job as a teacher in the forest kindergarten Medlánka in Brno.

MatEj Dolinay

MatEj Dolinay

Herpetologist and documentarian

Since I was a child I was reading zoological encyclopedia and dreaming about expeditions to African wilderness. My love for animals and nature continued so I had no problem with moving to the Czech Republic with aim to study at the prestigious university. I studied Zoology at Masaryk University in Brno and currently I am working on my Ph.D. and working as herpetologist at the Institute of Vertebrate Biology (Czech Academy of Sciences). My work is focused on the evolutionary biology and ecology of herpetofauna in Central Africa.